Al Merjal Company (MGCC) safety manual has been established to assist staff of the Division of Engineering to be aware of their duties with respect to workplace health and safety.

It details aspects of the Workplace Health and safety of engineering construction works.

The responsibility for implementation of the guidelines set out in this document rests with each member of the Division. In particular the document highlights the responsibilities of management and staff within the Department. Success in implementation depends on each person having a positive attitude to the spirit of these guidelines.

An understanding of the contents of the manual is essential for teaching staff, supervisors and other employees. It outlines the responsibilities, procedures and actions required of all persons to achieve high standards of workplace health and safety.

(MGCC )has been established independent safety department managing the following:

  • Jobsite Safety Rules
  • Construction Safety Rules
  • Scaffolding Safety Guidelines
  • Safe Lifting Guideline and Procedure
  • Safety Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Organization Chart